More On Wednesday’s South Milwaukee Fire

1213 Exterior Distant Submitted1213 Exterior Porch 1213 Exterior BC CornerFrom South Milwaukee Fire Chief Joe Knitter … please keep everyone impacted in your prayers.

At approximately 1140AM this morning, South Milwaukee Dispatch received several 9-1-1 calls reporting a house fire at 1213 Rawson Avenue. The house is a duplex, with a total of 9 occupants residing in it. A “Working Still”, which brings in our first alarm level of mutual aid, was called immediately based on the information of the callers. First arriving South Milwaukee Fire Department units encountered significant fire on the east side of the house extending up the siding and exposing the 2nd floor and attic. In addition, a large pine tree that was very near the house was burning adding to the amount of fire and smoke. Initial reports were that all occupants were out of the house.

Fire suppression efforts were first directed at stopping the spread of the fire on the exterior of the house and then immediately re-directed to the interior where a quick knock down of the fire was accomplished. The fire had gained a considerable headway and was burning in the walls and into the attic, thus requiring an extensive amount of overhaul. A 2nd MABAS Box Alarm was called for additional firefighters and to staff our station in the event of subsequent calls. One additional EMS call was received during the incident and handled by a mutual aid ambulance. No injuries were reported at the fire, however, two pets perished in the fire and another two are unaccounted for.

The American Red Cross was called to the scene and is assisting the family with their needs. Fire Investigators remain on the scene attempting to identify the origin and cause.

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