Information Meeting Set For Proposed St. Adalbert’s Development

A public information meeting has been scheduled around the 37-unit affordable apartment complex proposed for the former St. Adalbert’s school, gymnasium and rectory.

The meeting is set for 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 13, at City Hall.

It will include a presentation from Gorman & Co., which is asking the city to rezone more than two acres of land near 16th and Manitoba for the project. Representatives from the company will also take questions.

You can see the letter we’re sending to residents in the neighborhood near St. Adalbert’s here. Here is Milwaukee Journal Sentinel coverage of the proposal. And here is Gorman’s website, with information on the other workforce housing developments they’ve done across the country, including several in the Milwaukee area.

My ask: Please become familiar with the details of the proposed development and developer before making up minds. Get the facts, and questions answered, at the Oct. 13 meeting. Then let’s have an open debate.

I look forward to it.

My promise: No matter your position on this issue, you will have a chance to be heard, be it through this public information meeting, a potential formal public hearing and at future meetings of the Plan Commission and City Council. I’ll keep you posted on all of these opportunities.


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12 responses to “Information Meeting Set For Proposed St. Adalbert’s Development

  1. Melanie

    If this goes through can someone drop off the Marian Shrine at my house, so many memories and prayers said there.

  2. south milw

    If this goes through, Im moving.

    • Dee on Manitoba

      Your comment is greatly appreciated and I think it shows the extreme measures that will be taken when the low income or the affordable housing is put in place. I will fight to stop this madness. Our city officials need to hear the opposition from its residents!!! Call your alderman and let everyone of your neighbors know about this bad choice. Let’s not get railroaded into this project!!!

  3. Rick

    The shrine will stay and become showcased in the planned development

  4. Melanie

    that’s great to hear Rick

  5. Dee on Manitoba

    Divine Mercy Parish (St Sylvester on College ave) owns and decides what type of rental units these will be. The only leverage the city has in this matter is that they will not rezone this property due to unwanted low or affordable housing! South Milwaukee has this zoning power and I hope they’re not afraid to use it! If they want, they CAN stop more low or affordable income housing by not rezoning it. Why not have affordable senior housing ages 55 and over. If the developer will not do senior housing with age specific requirements, let’s remind them that they have done these type of projects before in Milwaukee. Sherman Park Senior Community is one example. Let’s stand strong and not let the residents of So. Milwaukee get a low ball offer on this development. There are other Senior housing developers located in Wisconsin. Our promising future is at stake! Did you know that we have exceeded the number of low income units required in South Milwaukee! What’s the hurry on this endeavor. Let’s be smart Erik Brooks and common council and not make any commitments or promises that may set this endeavor in stone and may cause legal actions from the developer or the Parish to force this on us! Let’s do the work and inform our neighbors about this ill proposed development. Does anyone in the city really want any more low income(affordable) housing here?

    • Ryan

      I’m believe we need to clean up the image of South Milwaukee, allowing this to go through would do nothing to help the city move forward. What ever happened to a “Proud past and a Promising future” I think we are missing the Promising future part, Mayor Brooks and common council, pay attention to what the residents want. I realize that you are sitting on a untaxed building and this would generate tax revenue for the city, but I caution you on making quick decisions, time to start making wise decisions to promote a PROMISING FUTURE.

  6. Lauren

    It’s like reading the Walmart threads all over again. Really, there are many similarities— large parcel of land for sale for years, special issues with the property (environmental, historic), people who don’t want this in Their Neighborhood. If you supported Walmart, why not hear this out as well?

  7. Joan Strand

    Do not allow the rezoning of St. Adalbert’s property. The impact on this fine neighborhood would be devastating. Many people in this fine neighborhood have lived and taken care of their properties for many years. I urge Mayor Brooks and the City Planning Commission to NOT move this proposal forward.

  8. Nicole

    This neighborhood and its nearby school do NOT need more traffic, students, and potential problems with residents that are not invested in the city. There are an abundance of reasonably priced rental units and foreclosed homes in the city already. Why add to this? Make this property a senior community, with a nice new senior center for the city. Anything but what is being proposed. Our property values are suffering enough. Listen to your constituents, Mayor. You work for us.

  9. Vickie Althaus

    Now I hear there will be a mosque and school for Muslims. The citizens of South Milwaukee could possibly chosen a mosque over apts. how did this happen and what input from the tax payers did you get?

    • The sale was a real estate transaction involving Divine Mercy and Masjid Al-Huda, similar to any number of others that happen across South Milwaukee each week. Other than an initial meeting sought by the buyers, the city had no involvement in this process, and none was required. No formal approvals (rezoning, etc.) were necessary, as the property will have a substantially similar use to what it had for decades — as a house of worship and school.

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