Leaves Update

So, leaf collection is in full swing and will continue into November.

As I’ve said, we are continuing this service this fall and expect to continue it into the future. I’ve also asked residents to consider other options given what we had been facing for the first time this fall: trucking all of our leaves to a landfill almost an hour away.

I say “had been facing” because, thanks to the hard work and persistence of our Street Department staff, we have a couple better disposal options.

First, we’re now trucking most of our leaves to a composting farm in Caledonia. Besides being much closer than Muskego, thus saving us fuel and man-hour costs, the fee they charge us to accept our leaves is also significantly less.

We’ve also been working with the Hunger Task Force Farm in Franklin as a potential disposal source.

So, good news. But the ask doesn’t change: Please put the rakes away, and mow. (Or ask the football team for help.)

It’s good for the city, the lawn and the environment.

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One response to “Leaves Update

  1. d.mier

    Eric, 3 times the Garbage truck (driver) ran over my huge leaf pile.
    Our block looks like a mess. He did it to a few piles.. Grrrr
    This is 3 week in a row..Please tell him to stop that! 🙂 thanks

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