No Injuries Reported In Molten Iron Spill At Appleton Electric

From South Milwaukee Fire Chief Joe Knitter …

At approximately 9:12PM this evening, SMFD rec’d a telephone direct call and a 9-1-1 call for smoke in the building at EGS Appleton Foundry, 2105 5th Avenue. Upon the arrival of SMFD units, heavy smoke was issuing from the building that houses their iron furnaces and EGS Appleton personnel on scene reported that one of these furnaces, which use high-voltage induction coils to melt iron for their manufacturing process, had developed a leak and spilled some or all of its molten iron into a below grade pit beneath the furnace. The pit contains high voltage electrical equipment, hydraulic lines, and water lines for cooling and runs beneath all five of the furnaces that are in this particular area of the foundry. Due to the potential for an escalating incident, a Working Still and MABAS Box Alarm was called bringing in our mutual aid partners. As a precaution, hoselines were laid out and the sprinkler system connected to. Additional EGS Appleton personnel arrived on scene and, after consulting with SMFD Command personnel, the electrical service and water supply to the involved furnace were disconnected, further stabilizing the situation. A dewatering effort was then initiated to remove a buildup of water in the below grade pit and the furnace was monitored for changes in its condition. No injuries were reported and the cause of the release has yet to be identified.

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