A Focus On Economic Development

Economic development in South Milwaukee took two big steps forward Tuesday, with the City Council backing two key measures.

First, the council approved the hiring of an economic development coordinator for 2015. This 20-hour-per-week position will be a single point of contact when it comes to attracting and retaining business in South Milwaukee.

Marketing, relationship building, connecting business owners with assistance programs, ensuring proper procedures are being followed for opening a new business, coordinating our downtown efforts … all of these duties and more will be the responsibility of this critical new hire.

We’ll be posting the description soon. Stay tuned.

The council also approved the formation of a downtown advisory committee — another key part of our work in revitalizing our city center. This will be a nine-person committee that advises the Plan Commission and ultimately the council on issues related to downtown. It will be a key player in developing the downtown plan we’ll be embarking on in early 2015, but also regularly surface other ideas and issues related to our central business district.

The voice of business will be key here — the committee will include at least four downtown business/property owners, by design. There will also be four at-large members … and they’ll be asked to apply to be part of this group. It will be a brief application, but doing it this way will allow us to find people with the passion and skills necessary to lead this important effort. Stay tuned.

Here is the description of the committee.

Thanks for your continued support as we continue to drive economic development in South Milwaukee. I hope you’re as excited as I am about the progress we’re making.

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