Leaf Collection Update: Wrapping Up For The Season

By the end of today, city crews will be done with loose leaf collection for the season.

Crews made last passes through the city in the last several weeks, including working overtime on Saturdays, to rid the streets of leaves.

Now, with winter fully here, leaf equipment is coming off the trucks by end of day today (after one last pass).

I thank our Street Department for their hard work on this — and thank you for your patience. As I’ve said, I expect we will continue to offer this service going forward, but we will also take a hard look at how we deliver it in 2015 and beyond.

And my ask will always be the same: If, when and where possible (and I realize it’s not possible for some residents) I strongly encourage residents to mulch. It’s better for the environment, better for your lawn, and, due to the inefficiency of collection, helps our budget, freeing up time and manpower to tackle more core services.


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2 responses to “Leaf Collection Update: Wrapping Up For The Season

  1. Frank Gratke

    1212 N Chicago, Leaves still on tree, any solution ideas Mr Mayor
    Frank “Disco” G

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