Three In Custody Following South Milwaukee High School Threat

Update: Check out coverage from TMJ 4, WISN and Fox 6.  

Here is the press release …

And great work by the South Milwaukee Police Department and the school district to get to the bottom of this.

Thankfully it was only a threat.


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2 responses to “Three In Custody Following South Milwaukee High School Threat

  1. concernd parent

    School district dropped the ball and didnt notify parents until school was let out for the day and the ajoining middle school wasnt part of the lock down even though it shares a hallway between it and the high school. Oh yeah…the super intendent said they notified parents. ..I know for a fact this isnt true. Way to drop the ball. Seems procedures need to be revamped a bit. What if it was your child in that building…just sayin’!

    • Rick

      I feel the School District handled the situation correctly with the SMPD. They do not need a few “concerned parents” showing up on site hampering their operations. There is a heavy door between the two schools that were locked down and I am sure the SMPD had it covered. Let the professionals do their job rather than armchairing what you think should have been done. The incident was handled and there is closure. No one was hurt. Children were completely safe. I trust the school admin with the SMPD decisions. Move on in life…..just another day in paradise!

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