12 Days Of South Milwaukee Christmas: Games!

South Milwaukee is home to two very cool downtown game stores … about two blocks from each other.

Why not stop at both and get some local holiday shopping done?

  • Pink Bunny Games, 1204 Minnesota Ave., specializes in Magic: The Gathering events and items, but it also offers Yu-Gi-Oh and board gaming events. It also does a brisk online business; learn more here.
  • Board Game Barrister continues to ramp up toward a formal opening at 1007 Milwaukee Ave. and offers games, toys, puzzles and more. It now has hours Monday through Saturday. Welcome to South Milwaukee!

Please support both of these unique destination businesses — two we should be proud to have in our fair city.
Pink Bunny Barrister small


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4 responses to “12 Days Of South Milwaukee Christmas: Games!

  1. Bobbi

    This is very exciting news!

  2. Frank Gratke

    How about a City of South Milwaukee Chess tournament, great way to show off the game stores. I am willing to donate a cash price.

    Frank “Disco” G

  3. Awesome news! Maybe the wife and I can find some Dungeons and Dragons players now!

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