Rounding Up Tuesday’s Council Meeting

It was a busy council meeting Tuesday night …

  • The council voted 7-0 to approve a memorandum of understanding with Milwaukee County on maintenance responsibilities for Oak Creek inside the City of South Milwaukee. This was an agreement years in the making and puts in writing verbal agreements and past practice from previous decades around who is responsible for duties like creek bed vegetation removal. I thank our city staff, attorney, County Supervisor Pat Jursik and others for their work in pulling this together. Of course, this is just the start. We still need to figure out bigger and longer term solutions for the entire Oak Creek watershed, and there is significant progress being made on that front, too. Stay tuned for more details soon.
  • The council approved the nomination of Nate Keller to the Plan Commission. With his background in construction project management (including the Potawatomi Hotel) and engineering, Nate will be a terrific fit for this important committee. I welcome him on board. I also wish Dave Friedrich well and thank him for his years of service. Do you want to serve on one of our boards or commissions? Fill out an application, and we’ll keep it on file.
  • The council also voted to unanimously endorse the League of Wisconsin Municipalities’ Partnership for Prosperity legislative agenda. As mayor, I want to see South Milwaukee have a stronger role in state legislative matters, and putting our support behind this common-sense agenda makes sense. Let’s hope some of this sees the light of day in Madison in the upcoming session, as we seek to fuel the true economic engine of our state: the work happening in our incorporated communities.
  • We also honored three Eagle Scouts: Jake Simuncak, Dan Rolefson and Chris Sobczak.

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