Welcome To Wil-o-Way

20150122_163320WilowayI had a nice visit this week with Mike, Debbie, Nicci and Harrison, who have brought Adult Day Services of Southeast Wisconsin to Wil-o-Way Grant. They just began programming earlier this month.

What do they do? They provide day programming for those with cognitive disabilities, traumatic brain injuries and autism at the Grant Park location. I’ll let Program Director Nicci Nageotte explain more …

We combine activities such as crafts, music, reading, dance and exercise, and cooking with outdoor activities such as walking and exploring  to help individuals learn more about themselves and things they might like to do but have never tried. We then add in the community component with “outings” for movies, lunch, the library- things they may have limited access to in their home lives. The volunteering help them learn skills that help with future employment (some attend work programs part time)  and also give them the satisfaction of doing things to help others.

It’s a terrific mission, and I wish them well at their new location. They just started at Wil-o-Way Grant this month, and they have capacity to serve 40 individuals. For now, they are under 10.

I was also happy to get a tour of the Milwaukee County facility, which is impressive. Recently remodeled and essentially empty during the day the past two years, it includes a large open hall with a stage, a kitchen, accessible outdoor play area and even a solarium.

For me, this has always been a hidden part of Grant Park, even though I’m told it is often rented out on weekends for events. It was nice to get a glimpse inside — and to learn more about the work of its new tenant.

Learn more about Adult Day Services here. Thanks for calling South Milwaukee home.

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  1. Melissa Ollmann

    You meet my cous

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