June 16-28: Beer Garden Arrives At Grant Park

Milwaukee County Parks unveiled its 2015 Mobile Beer Garden schedule today, and it includes a stop at Grant Park June 16-28.

Mark your calendars!

From the release

At least 15 parks will be on the tour. Each stop will feature beer and other refreshments from Sprecher Brewing and, new this year, there will also be authentic German Food available from Sprecher’s Restaurant and Pub.

The Traveling Beer Garden concept was unveiled by County Executive Abele in 2014 and was a huge success, raising nearly $250,000 and creating a fun and safe atmosphere at all the parks it visited. Beer gardens at Estabrook, Humboldt and Hoyt Parks raised another $180,000 in 2014.

All the revenue the County receives from the beer gardens goes back into improving parks across Milwaukee County.  In addition to the revenue earned by the Beer Gardens, Sprecher Brewing, through the Park People of Milwaukee County, will be donating $32,000 or approximately $2,000 per tour stop for improvements to parks this summer. …

The Traveling Beer Gardens will feature both Sprecher’s Restaurant and Pub, and Sprecher Brewing products. Sprecher’s Restaurant and Pub, located in Glendale’s Bayshore Town Center, will offer authentic German food on the tour, including brats. Also available at the beer garden will be Sprecher Brewing products such as root beer floats, pizza, popcorn, and pretzels.

Indeed, 2015 will be a great year for Grant Park. The Beer Garden is just the start.

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