Coming Soon To Downtown: JB’s Tee Shirt Factory

T-shirtsI’m really excited about the latest business to call downtown South Milwaukee home — another good example of a destination retail store that I’m hoping we become famous for.

It’s JB’s Tee Shirt Factory, which provides screen-printed, embroidered and other apparel for sports teams — including colleges like UW-Milwaukee, UW-Parkside, and Cardinal Stritch — and other groups. It also has some cool designer t-shirts they will be selling at the South Milwaukee location, 1233 Milwaukee Ave., their first retail store.

They also have an operation in Muskego.

I met Jason and Aaron on Thursday night, and they are making some significant upgrades to the store. They hope to open next week.

Please join me in welcoming them to South Milwaukee … and shop local!


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5 responses to “Coming Soon To Downtown: JB’s Tee Shirt Factory

  1. Elissa Mross

    Maybe they could do a signature t-shirt for South Milwaukee, something with a cool graphic/design that shows our South Milwaukee pride.

    • Mayor Eric, thank you for the article. We are extremely excited to call South Milwaukee our home. We would love to design something so community of South Milwaukee can show its deep pride and support. Any ideas to start? We can post a few designs as ideas come in.

      • Nels Monson

        Just throwing out an idea for the heck of it here… Maybe a silhouette of the depot and the street clock.- and have the face of the clock in white??? Just a thought…

  2. Jason: Are you willing to take this on? I’d be happy to solicit ideas for a design from my readers … might be cool. The train depot idea is a great one — it’s probably our most iconic building. There is also Seven Bridges …

  3. jason

    Thank you Nels for the idea. We will try to design something around the train depot/street clock. Also, maybe if someone from South Milwaukee with a graphics design background wanted to help out in actually designing this project, i think it would be fantastic! I’ll load a picture or two hopefully later this week!

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