Partnering To Combat The Heroin Epidemic

The South Milwaukee Police Department is committed to fighting the battle against heroin in our community. And I stand with them.

One key front in that fight: education.

The department sent home a note and a flyer with more information on heroin abuse to all school parents last week. Here is the note …

Across the nation there is a growing heroin epidemic. Recently the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article titled “Heroin deaths in Milwaukee County jump 72%.” The South Milwaukee Police Department working together with the South Milwaukee School District is committed to protecting our youth and educating our parents regarding this epidemic.

 Through education, enforcement and working with the medical field we can fight this epidemic. It is a goal of the Police Department to partner with parents in an effort to stop this addiction.

 On the South Milwaukee Police Department website ( is educational information addressing the heroin epidemic. Please visit the South Milwaukee Police Department this educational information. Additional information can be found at

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