Town Hall With Senator Larson Set For Monday At South Milwaukee Library

I’ll be joining State Sen. Chris Larson for a town hall meeting this Monday, March 30, to discuss the state budget and its impact on state programs, as well as its impacts on the City of South Milwaukee.

We’ll be meeting from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the South Milwaukee Library.

Sen. Larson will devote the first 30-45 minutes to highlight what is in the budget and then will open the meeting to a Q&A session. While the focus will be on the budget, feel free to ask questions about other topics.


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7 responses to “Town Hall With Senator Larson Set For Monday At South Milwaukee Library

  1. Al douglas

    Mayor Brooks,
    Will there ever be any public collaboration between city leadership and our State Representative or does city leadership only collaborate publicly with our highly partisan State Senator?

    • Absolutely. I have invited Rep. Rodriguez to attend my May 23 Meet the Mayor session at Nona’s Café, and she’s hopeful she can make it. We will hopefully finalize that soon. County Supervisor Pat Jursik is my special guest at the April 18 Meet the Mayor event at I Can’t Resist Kids Resale. And I’ve had County Executive Abele and Sen. Larson at previous events. It’s important to have relationships with all of our elected officials, no matter their (or my) political affiliation. I try hard to maintain those relationships.

  2. Melanie

    a Walker bash session

  3. Al douglas

    Unfortunately I didn’t clarify the question in my original post. I was curious as to why city leadership only publicly collaborates at the state level with Senator Larson.

    I can review the history in this blog and obtain the information provided above by the Mayor.

    I agree with Melanie; if history repeats itself Senator Larson will present a very partisan view of the current budget.

    Unfortunately, if you review the history in this blog, our city leadership has a clear proclivity to interface with one political party. So much for the non-partisan position professed by Mayor Brooks during his election.

    • Al: When it comes to state and national politics, I am a moderate Democrat. I have never hidden from that, and anyone who reads this blog or talks to me knows that. But when it comes to local issues, I try as hard as I can to keep partisan politics out of it. There is nothing partisan about the priorities I’ve been trying to drive since I was elected a year ago. Downtown redevelopment is not a Democratic or Republican issue, nor should it be. Nor is bringing new ideas to economic development or new approaches to how we deliver our services or enhanced communications. These are issues we can all get behind, no matter our political persuasion. And I’m finding people are doing so.

      As to not interfacing with leaders who don’t share my broad political views, I wholeheartedly disagree. And I have demonstrated already that is not the case. I have held Meet the Mayor events with County Executive Chris Abele and Sen. Chris Larson already — two people with very different politics — and I have Supervisor Pat Jursik coming next month. In May, I’ve invited Rep. Jessie Rodriguez. That covers the political spectrum. Yes, I’m with Sen. Larson at the town hall on Monday. He invited me. I’d be happy to do the same with Rep. Rodriguez at some point. All she has to do is ask.

      I am committed to maintaining strong relationships with all of our local elected leaders. I have to. It’s my job. Let’s keep the partisan politics in Madison and Washington D.C.

      • Frank Gratke

        I would like to Say Mayor Brooks does a good job with being in the middle. This blog, which I enjoy reading and observing is our only real news on South Milwaukee. However, it is hard when we have representatives on the opposite side of the spectrum. I do feel mayor Brooks will get around the polarised spectrum. The mayor does a good job in promoting and writing. AKA, it is frustrating but keep please keep doing what you are doing. You are doing a good job,

    • Anonymous

      It seems as though Mayor Brooks has been pretty clear that he is happy to collaborate with Representative Rodriguez. Perhaps the appropriate question is to Representative Rodriguez as to when/if she will collaborate with city leadership. I attended a public meeting not too long ago at which someone mentioned trying to meet with her about something, which was followed by someone else saying “Good luck with that,” under his breath. Perhaps that’s just one person’s opinion, but I get around a fair amount in the city and the only time I’ve seen her is waving as she passed by in a parade. It’s not fair to call “politics” on the mayor if Senator Larson is the only one who graces South Milwaukee with his presence.

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