It’s Election Day … Vote!

Today is Election Day. Please do your duty as a citizen and vote!

There are contested aldermanic races in the First and Second Districts and a contested school board race.

  • In the First District, incumbents Craig Maass and Frank Van Dusen III face challenger Frank Disco Gratke.
  • In the Second District, incumbents R. Patrick Stoner and Ramon Navarro face challengers Michael Johnson and Larry Pagelsdorf for two seats.
  • For school board, incumbent David Maass faces challengers Jon Shelenske and Jeff Dess for two seats.

Check out a voter guide with candidate bios and positions on here.

And here are some voting details …

  • Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • First District voters vote at Divine Mercy School, 695 College Ave.
  • Second District voters vote at Lakeview School, 711 Marion Ave.
  • Third District voters vote at City Hall, 2424 15th Ave.
  • Fourth District voters vote at Rawson Elementary, 1410 Rawson Ave.
  • Not sure what district you live in? Here is a map.
  • Voter ID is not required in this election. But you will be asked to sign the poll book.

Check out more details on the city’s elections web page … and look for more information on local results from South Milwaukee Blog later tonight or Wednesday morning.


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2 responses to “It’s Election Day … Vote!

  1. SM Guy

    Did anybody notice that this time around there was very little campaigning (at least in District 1)? Other than yard signs, only one or two flyers. Not that I’m complaining…just less for the recycle bin!

  2. I agree with SM Guy, very little campaigning. I find it hard to vote for anyone who makes no effort to get my vote. I did have one candidate (who I won’t name) standing outside my voting location asking (more like harassing) for my vote. Note to anyone who is considering running for office, don’t harass people who you want to vote for you.

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