Like My New Mayoral Facebook Page!

Update: The link should work now. If that link doesn’t work, you can also find my page at

A quick note about Facebook, since I know many of my readers are also Facebook friends …

I’ve added a new Facebook page devoted to my mayoral duties, and I encourage you to like it if you want to stay on top of city news, information and other happenings from around town.

For example, posts this week have included items on Tuesday’s election and my upcoming Meet the Mayor sessions. And I just posted information on National Public Health Week, and look for an update soon on a cool new local business.

Find the new Facebook page here, and invite your friends to like it, too.

(If that link doesn’t work, you can find my page at

I’m keeping my personal Facebook, too, but I’m keeping it personal. So I’ve been “unfriending” people on it I don’t know personally — basically anyone who I don’t think would be interested in seeing pictures of my kids playing sports, my vacation escapades or my musings on the Brewers, Bucks and Badgers (as profound as they are).

Please don’t take offense … and rest assured you’ll see the same commitment to communication I’ve always had on my new mayoral page. Just don’t expect to hear about my trip to the Grand Canyon. Or the fish I caught.


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7 responses to “Like My New Mayoral Facebook Page!

  1. Doris Luljak

    Your link doesn’t work.


  2. Bob

    We went to the grand Canyon TOOO . How exiting !!

  3. Nora

    Link still does not work. It leads back to this blog. 🙂

    • I wonder if you have to be logged into Facebook for it to work. Because the link worked for me (when I was logged on). Can you try that perhaps and let me know what happens? Sorry about this …

  4. trkstr31

    I just tried your link. No go. When you hover over it, the path you mush have typed in lists this page and the FB page consecutively, as opposed to just “” which is where you were aiming.

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