Cleaning Up Grant Park, And South Milwaukee

Cleanup 1 Cleanup 2 Cleanup 3 Cleanup 4What a turnout at today’s Grant Park cleanup!

More than 80 people took part, including 60 from the South Milwaukee boys’ track team and another dozen or more from Marquette University and their Hunger Clean Up effort. Thanks to the Friends of Grant Park for all of their work in keeping this community treasure beautiful.

And our cleanup work is just getting started.

Don’t forget about next Saturday’s Earth Day cleanup, held around the city. Learn more here, and bring a friend, three or five. Big groups are welcome — there is plenty of work to do!

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One response to “Cleaning Up Grant Park, And South Milwaukee

  1. Betsy A.

    Friends of Grant Park thank you, Mayor Brooks, and the many citizens and students who ventured into the ravines and onto the windy beach to haul out televisions, plastic waddings, bottles, glass and more, resulting in a veritable boatload of trash. And a cleaner park. All in a couple hours. We’ll hit the main beach and parkway areas next weekend, and welcome creative ideas for a sign there suggesting that the beach lot is actually NOT an ash tray.

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