Rolling Out Automated Garbage Collection

Update: Here is a Q&A document with more information.

I am happy to say we’re poised to roll out a new and more efficient approach to garbage collection.

What does this mean? Simply, we’ll soon be requiring all South Milwaukee properties to use city-provided tipper carts for their garbage. Without them, we won’t pick it up.

As I’ve written about, this approach is much more efficient than our current process. And it’s safer for our workers and will help us be a cleaner-looking city.

Here is the rollout plan …

  • May: Transition begins for those who have their garbage picked up on Thursdays.
  • This fall: Transition for Wednesday pickups.
  • 2016: Transition for Monday and Tuesday pickups.

Those impacted by the changes will receive a brochure in the mail with more details, as their transition date approaches. (Those with Thursday pickups should have already received it.)

Here is the brochure that was sent to those who have their trash picked up on Thursdays. From it …

What is it?

The City of South Milwaukee will be transitioning to a fully automated garbage collection system that solely uses tipper carts for collection. The city has been picking up garbage with a semi-automated process from cans, bags, and 95-gallon tipper carts for a number of years.

When will the transition take place?

The transition will begin with the Thursday garbage collection in May, 2015. Residents with collection on Wednesdays will be transitioned to the new automated system in the fall of 2015. Those with other collection days will transition to the new system in 2016.

How will it be implemented?

The city will provide a 95 gallon tipper cart to your property if you do not have one. Once the property has received a cart, the automated process will begin. Only garbage in the tipper cart will be picked up. The operator will not exit the truck to remove barriers or adjust the placement of the cart due to obstructions.

I’ll keep you posted as the rollout continues.

We appreciate your patience. There will surely be a few headaches with this, but our Street Department is working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible. Please be respectful as we make this important, and necessary, move.


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9 responses to “Rolling Out Automated Garbage Collection

  1. SM Guy

    That’s great news…although I was hoping for a little soon implementation as my current garbage can is on its last legs and I don’t want to buy a new one if it is becoming obsolete.

    I hope the new system will also automate closing the lids when done. Currently, the cans are left upside down (good job to the collection crew!), and I don’t want to come home from a whole day at work to find another receptacle with and inch of water in it after the rain (or worse – a foot of snow!).

    • Peggy

      You are more than welcome to take one of our tin garbage cans (with lid) to get you through. Go through Erik for email if interested.

  2. brian

    What if you have a rental property and there isn’t enough room to have carts 4′ apart?

  3. RocketMom

    Can you post a photo of what these tipper bins look like? I have the tall brown one and love it. The critters can’t get into it and I can leave it outside. I hope it’s not a different design. Please advise.

  4. The carts that will be used going forward are indeed the same brown ones the city has been selling for years. I have one too, and I love it (as much as you can love a garbage can, of course).

  5. Frank

    Note, the city people mentioned the mechanical arms on the truck need clearances, having your carts 4 feet apart allows room for the arms to swing in. ,

  6. Jim

    Will the same be required of the recycling carts?

  7. Frank

    Thought the city was done with automated change , with the automated garbage pickup. Just got a new wireless signal water meter from the city. It suppose to send the signal out, wirelessly. Could someone help me what this device is and what gig hertz signal it might be using. I think laptops are 2.3 and cordless phones 5. How is this wireless contraption suppose to work?

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