Beech Street Foot Bridge Closed Indefinitely

Beech Street bridge

Some bad news for students walking to South Milwaukee Middle and High School, and those who love walks and bike rides along Oak Creek Parkway: The Beech Street foot bridge over Oak Creek has been closed indefinitely and may need to be completely replaced.

That’s the word from the Milwaukee County Parks Department, who called me late this afternoon. Workers were closing it down this evening.

A citizen alerted me to a concern over the bridge swaying late last week, and I informed County Supervisor Pat Jursik. The county had engineers inspect it today, when the order was issued after they deemed it “structurally unsafe.”

The county tells me it’s likely the bridge will have to be fully replaced, so be prepared for a long closure.

Of course, this is not the first time this bridge has had issues. Still, we appreciate your patience, and we will know more about next steps in coming days and weeks. I’ll keep you posted.


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17 responses to “Beech Street Foot Bridge Closed Indefinitely

  1. Sue

    I am so bummed about this as we as a family love to walk around the park! Lets hope it gets fixed sooner rather than later, but since it’s the county I will not hold my breath.

  2. Rick

    This is a major walkway. A long time ago the City took down the Pine Street bridge due to it failing. The Beech Street bridge was built to replace it so that there was at least a pedestrian walkway over the creek. In fact, the plan was to build a bridge that could also accommodate vehicle traffic, but that never materialized. Sounds like the County does not want to replace it!!

  3. Tom

    This “temporary” bridge has been in place for over 50 years. During that time, it has been repaired or replaced numerous times. The county keeps promising a permanent structure. They keep pouring good money into something bad.

    Maybe, we’ll see a permanent structure in another 50 years.

  4. Peggy

    This bridge has been swaying ever since they reinforced it 5 years ago (perhaps a little bit more now). The bridge is a major thoroughfare for many students and families. To immediately close it indefinately is senseless. Perhaps Milwaukee Cty Parks would make this project a priority, based on the number of users.

  5. Thanks, Peggy. I will be pushing hard for just that.

  6. Cory Peterson

    This really adds some distance for kids on the West side on their walk to and from school. Hope they get a permanent fix sometime soon; however, after seeing how long (I think it was years) the bridge was out at Grant Park’s seven bridges trail I don’t anticipate this one being fixed anytime soon.

  7. Bob

    This is ridiculous ! I think Kyle V . being a P.E. should check it out and see if there is a problem carrying 450 # ( 3 people at 150# ) . How are the kids going to Walk to the H.S. like I did for 3 years ?? There has been some up and down movement for as long as I can remember ; escpecially if you jump up and down on the bridge . ALL BRIDGE SWAY due to weight or wind .
    The county should have replaced it a long time ago when it washed out .
    I would think this would be a top priority but someone has to the county and get a completion date like the city does when it bids out projects .
    If unacceptable then a call to Able would be in order by someone .
    Maybe calls from the Mayor and Superintendent of Schools would be helpful.
    Beech St. was designated a BLVD. originally and that Never went through cause people thought it would be a drag strip for the High Schoolers !
    Then the PINE ST. bridge was torn down because it was unsafe and the Michigan ave. bridge over the creek was removed . What’s next ??

  8. Bob

    Good question ………Why did the city take down the Pine St. Bridge and NOW the Beech St. Bridge is the county’s responsibility ?
    I would think they would work jointly like they plan to do with the LAGOON project .

  9. Russ Sobo0lik

    If the bridge swayed when someone walked on it, maybe a better solution would be to put a weight restriction on it. I never had it sway with me on it and I weight 200 pounds.

  10. Peggy

    What some residents don’t understand is the bridge, and surrounding park area, is the jurisdiction of Milwaukee County, not City of South Milwaukee. If this bridge is to be replaced, and replaced in a very timely manner, residents need to reach out to our county board supervisor, Patricia Jursik, and voice their opinion to her, as well. Milwaukee County needs to find a way for replacement quickly. After restoring the bridge twice in two years, one would think there would be a plan in place to do just that. Parks are enjoyed by everyone, let’s hope Milwaukee County realizes what a jewel we have.

  11. Kathy

    So what is Happening or NOT Happening with the Bridge…(Adults and Kids are climbing over the closed sign and using the bridge anyway)

  12. Dave

    It is sad that the county won’t repair/replace the bridge, it does place a hardship on the students that use it, also all the people who enjoy the parkway, let’s get our city leaders to start pushing for it to be taken care of.

  13. Kristin

    I can’t believe the bridge is still sitting on the grass. This structure was awful from the first day it was put in place. Too narrow and bounced up and down with simple walking, not to mention running or biking. We miss the bridge every day during our walks. Maybe a new one will be in place before my daughter has to walk to high school…in three years.

  14. charlenr

    Is this a new posting? That says the bridge will be repaired by November 15th, 2015?

  15. Marge Lower

    The Beech St bridge is a loss to all the walkers, students etc. It brings more car traffic on 17th which we are trying to control. Shame on the city and county in repairs of this structure!!!!!!!

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