Appointing Our City Attorney

Joseph Murphy has been elected South Milwaukee’s city attorney 17 times, and he’s ably served in that role for more than 33 years.

I consider him a trusted advisor, who I lean on for sound, reasonable advice on a variety of issues. He works hard to make sure the city is protected from threats, and he stands up, and behind, the work we do as a city government every day.

I am happy to say he will continue doing that work, just not as an elected official.

Attorney Murphy is moving to Milwaukee, which means he’s resigning his elected seat. However, the city council — recognizing his skill in the job, his desire to keep serving in it, and the will of the voters — appointed Joe to the role of city attorney as their meeting on Tuesday.

This means Joe will be an employee of the city, in a role similar to that of our other department heads.

I support this move because I think we get to keep a great attorney with a deep knowledge and passion for our city in that job.

It’s also something we planned to do soon anyway. You will recall the council voted last year to make the role of city attorney – as well as those of city clerk and city treasurer – non-elected jobs starting in 2017. This moves up that date two years for the attorney.

I thank Joe for his continued service and wish he and his wife Kitty well in their move.


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3 responses to “Appointing Our City Attorney

  1. Pat Gerasch

    I support the move….Murphy has always been fair and has looked out for the people of South Milwaukee.

    • Frank

      Joe has unbeliefable experience , getting him and Nels together to talk about how we could get historical preservation credits before Joe retires.

  2. Tom

    Appointed Clerk, Treasurer and Attorney? Whatever happened to democracy? The idea should have been put to a referendum. This is not a dictatorship.

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