More On The Sahagian Auto Body Property

As you may have seen on TMJ4 TV last night, a judge is allowing the city to move ahead with demolition of the Sahagian Auto Body property as early as July 16.

As our city attorney states in the story, the property at 1115 College Ave. has become unsafe and blighted, and after years of attempting to work with the owner to clean it up, our last resort is to move for razing.

I respect very much Pete Sahagian and the business he built there. But property owners have a responsibility to maintain their properties to a minimum standard. That hasn’t happened here.

Now, with an unsafe and non-compliant roof on the building and other issues that continue to go unaddressed, the cost of repair (estimated at $40,000) nearly equals the assessed value of the building ($42,000, with improvements). And it’s clear there aren’t the funds available – either from Pete or Waterstone Bank, which acquired the property through a foreclosure action in 2010 – to make the necessary fixes.

With that in mind, and given years of unheeded orders to repair the building, the city council made a decision to move ahead with removing the structures on the site. I stand behind it.

Pete and Waterstone Bank will continue to own the property once the demolition is complete, and the city has no plans to acquire it. This is simply a property maintenance issue — and about our belief as a city, and mine as mayor, that we must step up our game when it comes to the condition of properties.

We have to be fair and willing to work with owners of properties in bad condition, and we have here. But we also have to enforce our ordinances and do what’s best for our city. We are doing it with Sahagian Auto Body.


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6 responses to “More On The Sahagian Auto Body Property

  1. Bob

    Many of the older citizens may recall where the old fire station was on 10th Ave .and Monroe. Well after the new station was completed, the city administrator decided to buy the building and convert it to apartments . Since the building was vacant, a fire was started and destroyed a major portion of the building including the roof . I think the building sat that way well over a year with no demolition order from the city . The building was far more dangerous considering the damage and was also an eyesore in the middle of the city .
    I think we are smart enough to draw our own conclusions why no action was taken in that instance .

  2. Cory Peterson

    Why is the city paying to have the buildings demolished? I don’t think City funds should be used for that. And one more kick in the pants is that after the city pays to have them torn down Pete and the bank still own the land?? So basically the city is just giving them a blank slate to start over and should they decide to sell it would make a sale much easier and more profitable for them since the decrepit buildings are gone and it’ll be an empty lot for the new owner to build on?? Just seems totally wrong. If my garage house or garage was in bad shape and I ignored orders to fix it would the city pay to tear it down so I could rebuild a new one without having to get rid of the old on my own??? I don’t think so!!!!

  3. Greg

    Pretty sure this is the city mostly looking at the bigger picture here. Sure I’m not that thrilled about the city footing the demolition bill but look at the bigger picture. Get rid of that current waste of space building and perhaps Pete or the bank is able to sell to someone who will put something in that lot that actually contributes to the city. Yes I know not everyone agreed with Walmart but have that vacant lot on College in an area where many people flock may attract someone to develop on that lot for a business or businesses…. Bigger picture…. Think….

  4. Tom Tom

    Shame on you South Milwaukee a families livelihood is on the line here 3 generations of the Sahagian family all working together to earn a living because u say it is a blighted property they r willing and able to make it right and u still say no. If Mr Mayor would take a ride through 70% of the ally’s in SM he would see heavy blight but I guess he is to busy for that or how about riding down main street and see unkept properties but I guess that also is OK I invite u Mr Mayor to open your eyes to the real blight I can count 10 properties in a 4 block area of main street which I would consider to b in a unkept or blighted condition but I guess that also is OK or is it? Being a resident for a very long time it is time Mr. Mayor to open your eyes and look around there is far more blight in SM than most resident s even can imagine and u r so concerned with Sahagian Autobody it seems a little fishy. Is there possible hidden agenda here? Concerned Resident

  5. Bob

    How long has that Lot EAST of Sahagian Auto Body been vacant?? Doesn’t the city own that too ? How long has that parcel across the street by Walgreen’s in CUDAHY been vacant .?
    Let’s face it a pig dressed up or made to look pretty is still a PIG !!
    I think the CITY should concentrate on keeping the mfg . jobs here like CAT ,EMERSON , and KYLE . I’m sure other cities would offer significant incentives if any of them was thinking of leaving.

  6. Bob

    Hey , maybe we could get a TARGET on that corner !
    What happened to the BURGER KING that was planned for the
    WAL -MART outlot ???

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