Looking Back, To Move Ahead: Take Your Own Downtown History Tour


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I can’t thank Nels Monson and the South Milwaukee Historical Society enough for their efforts with the downtown history walking tour on Saturday.

Nels’ knowledge of local history and storytelling abilities are amazing, and hearing him speak about our “proud past” inspires me.

My ask: Take the tour for yourself. Here is a brochure for a self-guided version of this trip into South Milwaukee’s past.

I think you’ll agree that, more than ever, this much is clear: We need to embrace that past as we look to the future of downtown, a future that we’ll be writing in coming months as part of our downtown planning efforts. There is so much inspiration we can draw from our history, as we look to drive investment, energy and new life in our city center.

Of course, we can’t dwell on the past. And we don’t. But as we plan for the future, I’m excited to learn all I can about where we’ve come from as we work together to determine where we’re headed.

Let’s get moving on this journey!

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