Celebrating South Milwaukee, With T-Shirts

Tshirt4 Tshirt5 Tshirt6

JB’s Tee Shirt Factory is giving South Milwaukeeans a chance to wear their community pride.

The new downtown t-shirt shop, which opened at 1233 Milwaukee Ave.. earlier this year, has designed three t-shirts featuring local scenes they aim to sell starting later this month.

First, they want your help in choosing the top designs.

See the three options and vote for your favorite from their Facebook page here.

(For those not on Facebook, here is a link right to the voting document.)

The shirts portray iconic parts of our city like Grant Park’s Seven Bridges and the downtown railroad depot, as well as a modernized version of the old “Homes | Parks | Industries” city welcome signs (which I love, by the way).

The two designs with the most votes will be sold at the Firehouse Spaghetti Dinner on July 22 and the South Milwaukee Downtown Market/Evening on the Avenue on July 23, and other community events. You can also buy the shirts at the t-shirt shop, with more retail opportunities coming soon.

Each shirt will cost $15, with $5 of each sale going to support and grow city-sponsored celebrations like July 4th, Community Night Out, and our Christmas festivities.

I want to thank Aaron and his team at JB’s for driving this great community- and business-building effort, and I’m happy to get behind it. I love these kinds of things.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a shirt, and show my South Milwaukee pride. Join me!

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