Beech Street Bridge Reopening By November 15

With the start of school fast approaching, the Beech Street foot bridge over Oak Creek has been on many minds of late.

Here is the latest update from Milwaukee County: The bridge, removed in May because it was deemed unsafe, is expected to be rebuilt and reopened for foot traffic by Nov. 15.

I appreciate the Parks Department tackling this project before the snow flies, and while I initially hoped for completion in time for the start of school, I quickly realized this was unrealistic. Four months for planning, designing and building a significant project like this – one that will stand the test of time as a key connection between the northwest side of town and school campuses — is very reasonable.

Of course, it’s unlikely this would be done at all in 2015 without Milwaukee County Supervisor Pat Jursik, who successfully pushed for emergency funding in a resolution approved by the county board in June. So we should all thank Pat for driving that – and thank her and the administration for all of the investments happening in South Milwaukee’s parks this year and beyond.

The best part: Things are just getting started.

With more than 20% of our land mass comprised of parks, enhancing these public spaces is critical for our city. Those enhancements are clearly happening, and will continue to happen if we all work together toward a more promising future for our public spaces. 


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4 responses to “Beech Street Bridge Reopening By November 15

  1. Cory Peterson

    That’s good news. Like you said, too bad it’s not sooner but at least it’s getting done this year. Also, I’m glad to see that most, if not all of the bike trails through Grant Park have been replaced. They were in pretty bad shape before. It’s kind of sad that they don’t wind through the woods along the cliff anymore but it may be best for the future and some things can’t always be as they were in the past. We’ll get used to it. I can’t wait until they ramps by the roads are completed so I can enjoy the trails again.

  2. Mike Zimgsheim

    Tomorrow is Nov. 1 and I have seen no progress on footings, pilings or abutments to support a new bridge structure for the Beech St, foot bridge.
    In the beginning, it was my understanding the creosote telephone pole support structure would be replaced with something more substantial. Something “more substantial” should require “more substantial” supports yet nothing is being built. Are there any drawings available to post?
    I wonder if we are we getting real or empty political promises of a real bridge on Nov.15?

    • Mike: This bridge is the county’s responsibility and I am doing my best to keep people informed of progress on my blog. I should have a better idea of timing this week. I know the bridge is being built as we speak offsite. It is possible it will go past the November 15 date, but I will know more soon. I will do my best to keep you informed, as I have throughout. No politics here.

    • Cory Peterson

      I’m glad someone else brought it up because I’ve been wondering the same thing for the past month now. Bridge footings, atleast for roadways usually need a couple weeks or more cure time before they support any weight on them.. Maybe they meant November of next year or a few years down the road; look how long the bridge at 7 bridges took for the county to replace. This one still has a couple more years left to meet the of that replacement. I’m sure if it were up to the mayor or city of South Milwaukee it would have been replaced a while ago already.

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