Take The Survey, And Share Your Feedback On Grant Park

Oh deer 2

The Milwaukee County Parks and the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse are partnering on a survey to better understand the experience of park users in and around South Milwaukee.

They are specifically looking for thoughts on Grant and Bender Parks.

Access the survey here.

Please take it, and share the link with your family, friends and other users of the local parks. In fact, even if you haven’t been to Grant Park recently, please take it — your feedback is valuable, too.

I thank the UW-La Crosse’s Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation program for their interest in our local parks — and for the Parks Department for agreeing to allow the survey.

The honest feedback they gain should be invaluable. Please do your part and share your thoughts — good, bad and everything in between.


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9 responses to “Take The Survey, And Share Your Feedback On Grant Park

  1. Doris Luljak

    With regard to your picture of the deer. You will never get another photo shot like that again. That area of the park is a big diassappointment when they let it naturalize. You can’t even see the deer anymore. Weeds and wild flowers taller than deer. Frankly it looks horrible, and I’m being kind.

    • Betsy A.

      Putting all of your kindness aside, I too encourage you to express your opinions in the survey, Doris, but also invite you to continue to visit the newly established natural areas and their informational signs – at the NW corner of that photo’s particular field – to get a sense of the purpose over and above its looks. It is the nature of restored prairies to take awhile to really “form”, set root, and mature, and though it doesn’t conform to the traditional English landscape which favors long views of sheep pasture and formal gardens, I can assure you that this new area serves many, many more species than our adequately provided-for deer and humans on the previous lawn. Some of the long-term functional reasons for this planting and the island plantings at the park are: to absorb excess stormwater and pollutant runoff in heavy rain events (lawns do not come close to matching the deep rooted native plants in this endeavor); reduce the costs associated with mowing both in labor and fossil fuel use (it’s just not in the county budget anymore); and fuel a healthier habitat for pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies who lose out in the presence of excessive pesticide use and whose populations have plummeted (to the detriment of our food system among others).

    • Melanie

      kinda like the 42 million dollar school

    • Steven Lubahn

      I too appreciate seeing deer and the many other species of mammals, birds, reptiles and the like but I also understand that they require natural areas to seek cover, breed and forage. If you want entertainment, go to the zoo, not Grant park.

  2. Doris: I would definitely note that in your survey response. That is exactly the kind of feedback they should be hearing.

  3. Mary

    Grant Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the Milwaukee County Park System. I think it is because of the natural areas which are untouched and then the well-maintained picnic and play areas and, of course, the golf course. What other Parks in Milwaukee County can match Grant Park with its high bluffs, deep ravines, gorgeous beach and wonderful walking paths with its pedestrian bridges ? None that I’ve seen. The only unsightly problem currently is the Lagoon which is in an awful condition of neglect.
    As part of the Park System, Milwaukee County needs to clean the sediment out so that, once again, we are proud of our 180 year old historic site.

    Mary Nelson

  4. Elissa Mross

    It’s a shame how neglected Grant Park is. My family was in the beach area not too long ago and nothing is well maintained. Trees need to be trimmed, trash to be picked up and old debris to be removed. You can tell there is no overall vision because the beach area by the pier and the yacht club could be planned out much better to make it a huge entertaining/ recreational area. And when is Ferch’s coming? Every time we go down by the beach they are not open and the opening keeps getting pushed back, what a disappointment. Maybe someone should approach Collectivo about coming into the beach area for food and dining, they seem to be able to get their cafe’s up and running quickly. I did fill out the survey, hopefully someone will be listening. With all Grant Park has to offer with the beach area, mill pond, the yacht club, picnic areas and the golf course it needs a consistent maintenance plan.

  5. Elissa Mross

    Sorry it’s Colectivo. Colectivo would be a much better option for So MKE because they do a great job with food and entertainment (look at their lakefront site on Lincoln Memorial Drive). Ferch’s was a great idea but it has been two summers and they still have not been able to get it together for an opening. I would love to see a Colective at the beach location or the mill pond warming house.

  6. Rpb Vugrnick

    Since the county was able to find millions for large pensions, I think they can find 1 million for a pond they neglected. It is worth it. Much more than those who took the pension money. Keep the dam too. It is unique, beautiful and worth much more than new buildings or additions. A simple large pond, and a dam that money should be set aside every year to maintain so the problem does not build. Kind of like we do for pensions.
    Rob South Milwaukee resident

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