Headlines: Fire, Police Departments Making A Difference, And More

Simple solutions can make a big difference too — and maybe even prevent cancer.

That’s the story behind the TMJ 4 report that aired last night on the South Milwaukee Fire Department’s newest safety tool — sanitizing wipes for their firefighters.

Check out the story here.

And here are some other local headlines …

NOW has published new police blotters here and here.

Also, the Milwaukee Post has published an article on the efforts to restore the Mill Pond and Oak Creek watershed. You can see it here. It provides a pretty accurate portrayal of the issue (although it calls us a village vs. a city).

In short, I’m excited for the progress we’re making toward a cleaner watershed, but we’re just getting started and we have a lot of work to do. The restoration study will help guide that work and get us that much closer to the long-term solutions we need to make the Oak Creek watershed something we can all be proud of again.

I want the city to be a partner in those efforts. And we have been.

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