Redeveloping Highway 32

Some positive developments on our busiest street, north to south …

  • Burger King. I just heard from folks involved in this project, and here is the update on the location planned for the Walmart outlot: Groundbreaking is expected early this fall, with an opening this winter. I know a lot of people have been asking about this project, as the land remains undeveloped almost a year after the development was approved. It’s really nice to see them moving ahead with this. I can already taste my first Whopper.
  • Nomi Coffee. The new coffee house on at 513 N. Chicago Ave. is now serving food, with the kitchen open from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. The menu includes toasted ravioli, a turkey BLT, build-your-own grilled cheese, or a “Nomi Sandwich.” They’ve also repaved their parking lot in the last week.
  • Citgo. The new gas station at the corner of 10th and Manitoba opened last week, too.

So, really good momentum. And more to come!


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3 responses to “Redeveloping Highway 32

  1. Mary

    Always pleased to see new businesses in our City. We must welcome all improvements to support South Milwaukee’s success.

  2. Tim

    Mayor, first Whopper? Never have more than one. And, is more fast food really improvement?

    • Emt

      Alrhough i would agree that there are a lot of fast food options concentrated in a small geographic area, i would like to add that at Nomi Coffee we work very hard at bringing a very positive quality food/quality indredients menu. We hope that this can fill that void and can satisfy those who don’t particularly want to visit fast food venues on a daily basis.

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