The Food Trucks Are Coming Back!

Food truck 7 Food truck 6 Food truck 2 Food truck 4

Update: The hours are now noon to 3 p.m. It’s reflected below.

It’s Food Truck Carnival time again in downtown South Milwaukee!

We’re bringing back the gathering of food trucks on Sunday, Sept. 27, at the site of the South Milwaukee Downtown Market on 11th Avenue between Milwaukee and Madison.

Great food from some of the area’s top trucks will be served from noon to 3 p.m. that day. Live music is also planned.

I’m excited to see this event return, and we learned a lot from the first one in May.

  • First, we’ll have more trucks this time — 10 committed so far, with hopefully a few more to come. Stay tuned for a list.
  • We’re also spacing the trucks out more, down the entire stretch of 11th Avenue, so lines should be more defined. (However, I can’t say if lines will be shorter; these trucks are very popular).
  • We’re also asking the trucks to bring more food, so they don’t run out as quickly.

I can’t wait for this. The last event drew thousands of people downtown, and I’m hoping for a big crowd this time, as we look to bring more and more of these community- and business-building events to our city center.


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4 responses to “The Food Trucks Are Coming Back!

  1. No one can say you aren’t trying hard to improve and help S.M. Good job.

  2. Hopefully it is better organized than last time. Last time was a disaster

  3. Kelly Schultz

    Definitely more trucks and enough food for the crowd and more seating is needed

  4. sharon

    Looking forward to trying this for lunch!

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