It’s Rivalry Night!


The South Milwaukee football team travels to Cudahy tonight, as the two teams meet for the 87th time in one of the oldest rivalries in the area. Kickoff is 7 p.m.

Rockets coach Derek Hoff wanted to share a few words on this great tradition. Coach, you have the floor …

The traditions of South Milwaukee have been a big part of our school and community.  One Tradition that was postponed in 2001 was the annual Rivalry Football game between South Milwaukee and Cudahy.  The 2 communities are separated by the dotted line on College Ave.  Both cities show great pride in their history and great pride in their grit/work ethic.  “The Rivalry” Football game between the 2 schools is almost 100 years old and was renewed in 2009 when the Rockets won 22-21 and since the renewal have won 6 straight over the Packers.  The series now rests at 46-35-5 in favor of Cudahy.  

If you read old newspaper articles or talk to former players, coaches, teachers, and administrators you will read/hear stories of 9,000+ people attending the annual game.  You will hear stories of more $ being bet and changing hands during this week between communities… specifically employees at Ladish and Bucyrus(Caterpillar).  

My purpose for e-mailing today is that many of our students will live and stay in South Milwaukee in the future.  Many of our students will have children that we teach in future years.  This game to many is ‘just’ a game…but to those that live here, grew up here, and will live here in the future it is way more than ‘JUST A GAME’.  

This game is about Pride.  It’s symbolic for both gritty communities and for the winner each year it states “we’re tougher and work harder than you!”  It carries a lot of weight across that dotted line on College Ave.  Tonight It would mean a lot to the Sons of South Milwaukee if you would pack the stands in Cudahy and cheer on the Rockets to Victory @ 7:00 in the 87th meeting between the schools. 

See all-time rivalry records here, and for more on rivalry’s history, click here.

Go Rockets!

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