Spreading The Joy Of Reading, One Little Free Library At A Time

20151013_171548 20151013_171442

The Little Free Libraries, 11 in all, are complete … and making their way into neighborhoods across the city.

We presented the libraries to several of the recipient families at a ceremony last week.

Thanks again to local woodworker Larry Oleson, the South Milwaukee Library, Ace Hardware and BMO Harris for their partnership on this fun community-building project. (And thanks to Caterpillar for getting the ball rolling by donating the first library, which we gave away last month.)

I’m so excited to have this come to life. I love seeing the community come together over stuff like this, and it never could have happened without the generosity of everyone listed above. Of course, the biggest thanks go to Larry, who gave of his time and talents (and garage space) to handcraft these works of art. And they are works of art.

Don’t recall the story behind these? Learn more here.

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One response to “Spreading The Joy Of Reading, One Little Free Library At A Time

  1. Awesome! You can check out my little free library here: https://freelandlittlefreelibrary.wordpress.com/

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