Made In South Milwaukee: Hand-Blown Glass From “Micro,” An Internationally Known Artist

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South Milwaukeeans are quietly producing products we can proudly say are “Made in South Milwaukee.” This regular series will tell their stories — some of which you may have never heard before. 

I can’t think of a better way to start this series than with Paul Stephan, or “Micro,” how fans of his blown glass marbles, pipes and other products know him.

Paul is a relatively new South Milwaukee resident. He moved here in 2013 from Bay View and lives with his wife and new baby in the old Zion Lutheran (later Calvary) school on 9th and Madison Avenues — a building he has terrifically remodeled to include two large apartments, his art studio and auto racing garage. (Paul races cars as a hobby.)

And while Paul isn’t a bad race car driver, his art is amazing … and internationally recognized.

As this article states, Paul’s work has been featured in shows around the globe, and it’s incredibly sought after. Get a sense of his work on this website and in this video and see him in action through photos on his INK361 page. From the article …

Micro’s pipes have been featured in a number of top end gallery shows in Kobe, Japan, New York, and now, Los Angeles. If you are lucky enough, you might just catch Micro at a glassblowing competition or even get to book a glassblowing class with him.

Or try and catch him at his studio. In South Milwaukee.

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