Investing In Public Works: TV Disposal, Tree And Stump Removal And More

Some news and notes from our Street Department and others …

  • The City of South Milwaukee will now be accepting electronic recycling items at the self-deposit station. The cost for recycling a tube television or a tube computer monitor is $10. There is also a $2 per-day user fee to use the station. All other electronic recycling is free. This added service should reduce the number of TVs , monitors and other items randomly left on curbsides and ditches around town, providing a place for residents to take their old sets now that Goodwill and others no longer do.
  • The City Council also recently approved the removal of 70 more trees in the public right of way, stump grinding and restoration, as part of our ongoing urban forestry efforts. This phase of removal is focused on dead, dying and other hazardous public trees in the second and third districts — estimated to be just 10% of the total number of trees that will need to be removed over the next five years based on our 2013 tree inventory. In other words, this is just the start, as we look to enhance our focus on urban forestry in South Milwaukee.
  • Leaf pickup continues, and does so until at least November 15.
  • The resurfaced South Milwaukee City Hall circle drive and library parking lot are now open.


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3 responses to “Investing In Public Works: TV Disposal, Tree And Stump Removal And More

  1. Marcus

    Is it possible to have a leaf pickup schedule posted to this website? Possibly a simple color-coded map showing which sections of the city will be targeting for pick up on what days during the duration of the fall leaf collection season? My frustration occurs when you put the effort into raking/blowing leaves to the curb only to find out that the trucks have all ready come down your block two days prior, and won’t return for at least another week. By that time the leaves have blown back onto your lawn.

  2. I’m not from South Milwaukee, but admire your site/blog and am thinking about starting one up in my own town. Great info, keep it up.

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