More Headlines!

Check out the following South Shore headlines, including this TMJ4 story about measures local fire departments — including South Milwaukee — are taking to prevent cancer among its firefighters.

From it:

Knitter worked to enact the cultural changes and new safety practices. The first step was to make sure the uniforms get washed immediately when crews return to the fire station. “The days of a seasoned, salty, dirty, rough-looking firefighter is a thing of the past. We know the associated risks and hazards with that now,” said Knitter.

Also, NOW has published a new police blotter.

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  1. Julia Esaman

    Racine has the right idea to try to get the Metra train to connect to their shopping area. I have read the UWM report done a couple years ago and agree with what they said about a commuter train to South Milwaukee and even Milwaukee. This could certainly help businesses in South Milwaukee and help bring other businesses to come to SM downtown area.. We have an Antique Store on Milwaukee Ave. and see how many buildings could be rented out. Maybe try to look into the Metra Train coming to South Milwaukee. Thanks for looking at my comment and hope it can help bring a future to downtown area.
    Julia Esaman

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