D.B. Tax & Financial Services: Investing In Downtown South Milwaukee



D.B. Tax & Financial Services is betting big on downtown South Milwaukee – and I can’t be more excited about it.

The accounting and wealth management firm has purchased the former Tai Ping Restaurant, and will expand into the building starting this winter. The work includes rebuilding of the restaurant façade to match its current building (the former Grand Theater) and extensive interior remodeling.

The expansion will allow D.B., 1125 Milwaukee Ave., to add four employees to its current 11.

All in, it’s an $800,000 investment in downtown South Milwaukee, from a business with longstanding roots in the community.

From the D.B. website

Established in 1989 by its founders Larry & Diane Burger. After many years of dedicated service with the Wisconsin Air National Guard – 128th Air Refueling Wing in Milwaukee, WI, Larry and Diane retired from the military and ventured into small business entrepreneurship. They purchased, remodeled, and opened an office in the front suite of The Grand Theater Building (Established 1913), in South Milwaukee, WI. It was in these early years the firm provided personal and business income tax preparation and tax planning. After its establishment and continued growth, new staff was hired, more office space was added, and the firm began to accomplish what most small businesses envy – that is growth, dedicated clients, quality service, and an excellent reputation in a great community. As additional staff came on board, Diane and Larry ventured into retirement. It was at this time their daughter and employee since 1989, Lisa Pugel (f.k.a. Lisa Klatt), began actively managing the South Milwaukee location. Lisa is now the acting President of D.B. Tax & Financial Services, Inc. and providing services to clients from communities over Southeastern Wisconsin.

During the first few years Lisa owned the firm, she implemented new technologies that gave the office the ability to work more efficiently with the taxing agencies. These advancements allowed for the firm to process faster returns with even faster refunds. And more importantly, without sacrificing quality. In addition, Lisa brought new services to the firm which included comprehensive financial and tax planning, payroll and small business bookkeeping, insurance services, education planning and estate planning. All of these services are still provided today by a dedicated staff with decades of experience.

It was within the next year Lisa purchased The Grand Theater Building and began a major remodeling and renovation process adding more than 4500 square feet of office space. You can still see the reminisce of the old movie theater as you pass through the hallway and glance upwards to see the architectural features of the old theater. It was in 2009 that the last of the interior renovations occurred (adding loft living space in the upper unit) and the exterior facade was given a tremendous face lift as it is now one of the most beautiful buildings on Milwaukee Avenue.

And it will only get more beautiful in the months ahead.

I met with Lisa earlier recently to discuss her plans, which include $10,000 in façade grant support from the City of South Milwaukee. She showed me around, and her space is beautiful. From the movie poster holder near the front door to the columns lining the hallway, you can still see remnants of the old theater, but the space has been completely modernized.

The expansion I’m certain will be first class, too – and a strong step in our ongoing work to bring downtown South Milwaukee back to life. Thanks for being a part of the renaissance, D.B. Tax!


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4 responses to “D.B. Tax & Financial Services: Investing In Downtown South Milwaukee

  1. Hi Erik – did I read this correctly $800k investment? That is an incredible number from what is described.

    • That’s correct. I believe it includes acquisition, a completely new facade and extensive interior renovations. I’m excited to see this kind of investment in downtown South Milwaukee. More to come!

    • Yes. Actually well over 800k as we have comitted to a complete demo and rebuild extending South as far as we are allowed to leave ample parking. The only thing that will be left standing is the wall in the West side. In addition, there will be improvements in the adjacent property, that will not only include structural enhancements but new technology cosmetic improvements.

      • Gary

        Lisa – thanks for the details and the investment in our city. Best of luck as you work through the process.

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