South Shore Y Update: Planned Sale Terminated

From Cudahy Mayor John Hohenfeldt, via the City of Cudahy Facebook page

Since the August 11, 2015 approval at the Plan Commission of the City of Cudahy allowing the institutional use of a place of worship on the former South Shore YMCA property at 3244 East College Avenue, the Office of the Mayor has continued to attempt to follow up on the status of the transaction between the private parties. For a period of almost three months, no formal status updates were provided to the City, other than the conducting of an Occupancy Inspection, which is standard procedure in a transaction such as this.

After reaching out again to inquire into the status, I received official correspondence that ā€œThe contract with the Grace Hmong Alliance Church for the sale of the Property has been terminated.ā€ I was informed that the Trust will keep you advised on any significant developments relating to the sale any alternative sales transactions.

This information is being provided by the Office of the Mayor since there have been many rumors flying around our community. That is why I am providing our community with this informational update.

I’ll keep you posted.


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3 responses to “South Shore Y Update: Planned Sale Terminated



  2. gooseknoll

    That’s too bad. This would have been an enriching addition to our community.

  3. Cory Peterson

    Still holding out hope that it can become a community center. I miss going to the pools and hot tub daily and would love to bring my son there!

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