Winter Parking Permits For Sale

Restrictions begin Dec. 1.

From the South Milwaukee Police Department …

As a reminder, please be advised that winter parking permits have been available for purchase at the police department since Nov 1. Winter parking permits are required to park on city streets Dec 1 to March 31 from 3am-6am. Permits cost $25 per month for the 4 months, but a 4 month season permit can be purchased for only $80 for a savings of $20. Permits can only be purchased at the police department 7am-8pm, Monday thru Friday. Permits are not available for purchase on weekends or holidays, so please plan ahead. The police department urges residents to obtain your permit(s) early to avoid long lines for the end of the month rush. More information can be found on the SM City website at within the “city departments” tab under “police department”, or at the SMPD website at within the “parking permits & regulations” tab.

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