The Joes: Meet The Students Behind Painting The Rock

The painting of the rock near the entrance to South Milwaukee High School is a really cool tradition. What two Rocket seniors did with it last week is inspiring.

Meet Joey Kontowski and Joey Chojnacki, aka “The Joes.”

“They are best friends,” write Erik Wolbach, engineering teacher at the high school.

He continued:

“They are both students in our Technology & Engineering Academy. Joey Kontowski just enlisted in the Army Reserve as an engineer. He also works for the city during the summer doing road repairs. Both students serve as mentors to younger students in our machine tools program.

“They are also members of our Veterans Day student volunteers. This year we manufactured freedom pens in the Academy to give as gifts to our Veterans during the celebration on November 11th. Both students spent many extra hours after school to work on making the pens. As a reward for their hard work we were able to tour USS Milwaukee last week down at Veterans Park.”

 (In the picture below, Joey Chojnacki is at the far left, and Joey Kontowski is on the far right.)

 Congratulations to both of these young men, and thank you!

USS Milwaukee Student Picture

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One response to “The Joes: Meet The Students Behind Painting The Rock

  1. loretta mildebrandt

    They sound like wonderful caring young men and good luck to them in the future. So good to hear about young people like this.

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