Council Passes 2016 City Budget

It’s the most important thing we do every year, and I’m proud of the work done by so many to craft the 2016 city budget — one that allows us to maintain our city services in some really difficult times.

The South Milwaukee City Council approved the budget, 8-0, at its meeting on Tuesday night.

You can see the budget here, and you can read more about the budget in my previous post, including some much-needed context around the levy increase.

Tax bills are expected to go out next week, reflecting a 5.1% increase in city the tax rate, from $8.39 per $1,000 of assessed value to $8.82. Recognizing that no two circumstances are exactly alike, here is how the budget will impact your tax bill …

  • For the owner of a hypothetical home assessed at $160,000, the city portion of your taxes would go up $69.
  • Your overall tax bill (including all taxing entities) would increase $90.

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