Regatta In The School Pool? Why Not?


From South Milwaukee technology and engineering teacher Erik Wolbach …

The 2nd Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta on December 17th at South Milwaukee High School was a big success.  Thank you to everyone who came out to cheer on our young engineers of the Technology & Engineering Academy. The competition highlights and interviews will be televised on Fox 6 News on December 27th at 10:30PM.  The following are champions and award recipients:

  • 1st place: Jon Yang, Tim Bralick, Doug Montoya
  • 2nd place: Hannah Dziedzic, Mark O’Connor, Jake Hochschild
  • 3rd place: Kari Olson, Eddie Behren
  • Best Design Award: Jon Yan, Tim Bralick, Doug Montoya
  • Toilet Bowl Award: Colton Woyskochil, Herald Oemig, Sean Povlich
  • Submarine Award: Matt Major, Cody Ross, James Konkel
  • Titanic Award: Zach Georgakakis, Danny Rolefson, Isaiah Johnson
  • Team Spirit Award: Hannah Dziedzic, Mark O’Connor, Jake Hoschild

Pictured:  Jon Yang and Tim Bralick preparing to row their championship boat.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this latest example of innovation in South Milwaukee schools. Go Rockets!



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