On The Fireworks Cannon

By now, you have likely heard about what happened at Grant Park Beach last Sunday. Or you (like, more than half a million others worldwide) have seen the video.

The short story: A man has admitted to shooting a fireworks cannon containing more than 1,000 Roman candle rounds into the lake.

We first heard about this yesterday, once the video began to go viral, and our police department quickly tracked down the man, who now lives in Texas. We told him we’d be issuing a $315 fine for shooting off fireworks in the park. We have since decided not to issue a citation.

The police department has issued this release …

On January 6, 2016, SMPD was alerted to a Facebook video in which a subject is shown shooting numerous fireworks, from a homemade “fireworks gun” over Lake Michigan, in Grant Park, on January 3, 2016.

A 24 year old man, already considered a suspect by SMPD, later admitted to being the person in the video who shot off the fireworks. He stated he was embarrassed and apologized for the incident.  A records check showed the young man to have no prior criminal record.

It has been decided that no enforcement action will be taken against the young man.

The South Milwaukee Police Department does not condone this behavior. What occurred was dangerous to all involved.

This case is closed.

I stand behind their decision 100%.

While the video is pretty shocking — shocking enough to warrant significant coverage in the Daily Mail in London, England, where I first saw it on a Google News Alert — since no one was hurt and there was no damage, and given the response of the man involved, no citation is warranted.

I also initially thought we should issue a ticket. I’ve changed my mind on this.

I thank the police department for their work in this case, and for keeping us safe every day. This incident was very dangerous, and could have easily had a very bad and tragic outcome. We’re lucky it didn’t.



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5 responses to “On The Fireworks Cannon

  1. Cory Peterson

    Glad to hear! It was a great show, and yes, fireworks are illegal but this guy wasn’t hurting anyone or anything and was doing it in a safe place where nothing could catch fire or be damaged. I’m sure he’ll think twice before trying again.

  2. Thomas Arend

    Ok..let me get this straight. I can violate an ordinance as long as no one is hurt,no damage is done,I am responsive and move out of state. Good to know

  3. Concerned Citizen of South Milwaukee

    I worry more about the environmental implications of shooting fireworks into the lake and the trash left behind from fireworks. I don’t think danger is the only thing involved.

  4. SM Guy

    What I would be interested in is knowing how many people were talked to and how many citations written on New Year’s Eve when fireworks were going off in residential neighborhoods over flammable homes and other property rather than over the lake? How about on the Fourth of July in the residential neighborhoods, when the next day I’m picking up stuff from two houses down in my yard? I’ve seen cops on their regular patrols just continue on their merry way instead of turning toward the source of a firework being shot up. I’ve been outside and nobody has ever stopped me to ask if I knew who was shooting them off. Some guy does it OVER THE LAKE, and SM is investigating to the point of putting a general call on Facebook. Seems like priorities need to be shifted.

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