South Milwaukee Primary: Abele, Bradley Win Locally

Local results are in from Tuesday’s spring primary election.

In the primary for Milwaukee County executive, incumbent Chris Abele tallied 45% of the vote in South Milwaukee, with challenger Sen. Chris Larson coming in second with 40%. (The actual margin was 1,078 to 960.)

Both will advance to the general election on Tuesday, April 5.

In the primary for Wisconsin Supreme Court, Rebecca Bradley garnered 49% of votes cast Tuesday in South Milwaukee (1,168), with JoAnne Kloppenburg earning 37% (877).

Turnout was impressive, topping 20% in South Milwaukee.

Check out the full results here.

Thanks to everyone who voted today, and to our clerk’s staff and election night workers for their efforts!


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3 responses to “South Milwaukee Primary: Abele, Bradley Win Locally

  1. Rick

    Great Turnout….and great winners!!!

  2. Disco

    It would be nice to have some sort of debate or forum for local candidates, My suggestion is to start with weekly candidate forum, Where each candidate gets a few minutes to present there position with no questions at the first forum,. say Thursday night at city hall. You could possibly attract the county executive candidates. South Milwaukee is a blue color swing vote and a believe crucial in both county, state and federal races.
    Voters deserve to get some ideas presented to them. As a school board candidate , I have made a statement that matching up to the Marshfield Advance placement program will increase South Milwaukee’s real estate values 50 percent. It sounds a little drastic but an idea people can ponder. I am sure there are more ideas out there. Erik, how about a forum.

  3. Disco

    I attended the debate at the Italian community center on Monday between Larson and Abele. The winner was anybody who attended. These two do not like each other. Have not heard or seen anything like this since the days of the Crusher and Mad Dog Vachon,or maybe Ditka and Nitchske back in early 1960s’.The loser I belief is South Milwaukee. The county financial condition came out as not good. I think anything done on Mill Pond is going to have to be done by us, here in South Milwaukee.
    Note, on the debate, It was $50 plate luncheon, where you had spend the first 30 minutes watching the bankers and lawyers eat, if you were a none dinner attendee. That would not fly in in south Milwaukee. Saw what they ate ,Cardboard Chicken on some lettuce. Some meal for $50 bucks.
    I came away from the debate thinking if our Mayor Erik was in a three way race with these two ,he would get my vote ,because he is two grades up. Erik in the two years you have done much more than you think.
    (1) You given us hope by trying to get things done for Downtown.
    (2) You have gotten a man name Jay as part of that solution, previous he was on the outside looking in.
    (3) Your Blog was quoted by National news service on the office move of Caterpillar back to South Milwaukee. Never heard of that before, Without the blog, we would have no South Milwaukee based news.
    (4) The choice of new Librarian has been excellent, she has upgraded the number of internet computers and works with the other county libraries.
    (5) I think everybody in City of South Milwaukee Government has become more service oriented since you took office.

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