Snow Removal Reminder

While Tuesday’s snow wasn’t as much as expected, property owners still have a responsibility to clear snow from public walkways.

From Chapter 12 of the municipal code …

12.20 REMOVAL OF SNOW AND ICE ON SIDEWALKS. It shall be the duty of every property owner of each and every parcel of real estate abutting on or bordering upon any street, avenue or highway or other public place to remove or cause to be removed all snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of or adjacent to such premises to the full-paved width of such sidewalks within 24 hours after such snow or ice shall have fallen or accumulated thereon. Determination of the ending of such twenty-four hour period shall be made by the Police Department. Rep. & Recr. 01/02/85, 1284, Rep. & Recr. 2/2/16, 2121 12.21

USE OF SAND OR SALT ON SIDEWALKS. In case the snow and ice on the sidewalk shall be frozen so hard that it cannot be removed without damage to the sidewalk, the owner of every parcel of real estate shall, within the time specified in the preceding section, ensure the safe traversing of the sidewalk abutting or adjacent to such premises by applying an abrasive material such as sand or salt and as soon thereafter as the weather shall permit, thoroughly clean such sidewalk. Rep. & Recr. 2/2/16, 2121

And if you don’t do this?

12.26 CITY MAY REMOVE SNOW. Whenever any property owner shall fail or neglect to remove snow and/or ice from any public sidewalk or roof as provided in this chapter, the Street Superintendent may without notice to the property owner, have the ice and/or snow removed. The fee for the City removing the snow and ice shall be set by the Common Council and included in the City’s Administrative Fee Schedule. The Street Superintendent shall keep an accurate account of the occurrences of the City clearing the snow and ice in all cases where property owners of abutting lots fail to do so and report the same to the City Clerk who shall prepare at least annually invoices for the affected property owners. If the property owner fails to pay the invoice, the amount therein charged to each lot or parcel of land shall be entered in the tax roll as a special charge against said lot or parcel of land and the same shall be collected in all respects like other taxes upon real estate. The imposition and collection of any fine or penalty prescribed for violation of Section 12.20 and 12.26 inclusive of the South Milwaukee code shall not bar the right of the City to collect the cost of the removal and cleaning of snow and ice from the sidewalk as herein provided. Repl. & Recr. 2/2/16, 2121

Report violators to the South Milwaukee Police Department, non-emergency line, at 414-768-8060.

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One response to “Snow Removal Reminder

  1. Terri

    I walk my dog daily, there are many homeowners that are NOT cleaning up the walks, including a house across the street from the police station. In fact that house had the walks covered in ice and snow from the December 28, 2015 storm until it melted in January. If I called in every single house that is breaking the rules I will use up most of my minutes. If the city is driving around are you saying they don’t see this???? What am I paying my taxes for if the city is not doing their job by keeping an eye out.

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