School District Plans Prescribed Prairie Burn

The South Milwaukee School District is planning a prescribed burn for the prairie grass around its high school and middle school campuses later this month.

Applied Ecological Services will do the burn, weather permitting, March 28-April 1.

Check out the school district letter here.

And here is more information on the schools’ prairie, and images from the previous burn (including a few shown in this post). This is a story about the benefits of prescribed burns.


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3 responses to “School District Plans Prescribed Prairie Burn

  1. Disco

    I called Applied Ecological Services and said this burn is not a good idea , the phone number was in the letter, There was a environmental report/study done to purchase the football field done by Arcadias. It reads similar to the 1986 Oak Creek watershed report ,However; in it has some heavy testing done of samples from the area. I think, I a am the only one who read it. Maybe, Mr. Hahn of the South Eastern Wisconsin area planning commission could review it. I feel he would agree with me.

  2. Joe

    Yeah I don’t like this idea either
    Then again I don’t really care for the
    Natural look.
    Maybe I Stop cutting my Grass
    This summer, who knows maybe I’ll
    Like it 🤔

  3. Melanie

    I sure hope there is a strong southerly wind that day. If the school would have just put in regular lanscape that doesnt look like crap more than half the year, this wouldn’t be necessary.

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