It’s Election Day … Vote!

As if you needed a reminder …

Tuesday is election day, and I ask everyone to get to the polls, do their duty as citizens and vote.

It’s a full ballot, from the presidential primary, to State Supreme Court to Milwaukee County executive and supervisor to South Milwaukee School Board.

Here are additional voting details …

  • Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • First District voters vote at Divine Mercy School, 695 College Ave.
  • Second District voters vote at Lakeview School, 711 Marion Ave.
  • Third District voters vote at City Hall, 2424 15th Ave.
  • Fourth District voters vote at Rawson Elementary, 1410 Rawson Ave.
  • Not sure what district you live in? Here is a map.
  • Don’t forget: Voter ID is now in effect.

Check out more details on the city’s elections web page … and look for more information on local results from South Milwaukee Blog later tonight or Wednesday morning.

You will note: I have joined with a number of other suburban mayors to endorse Chris Abele for Milwaukee County executive. I like Sen. Larson and would gladly endorse him in another run for Senate. But I proudly stand behind Chris Abele in this race.

Why do I want four more years?

Chris has been good for the South Shore and South Milwaukee, and I’m proud to support him for a second term. He has restored fiscal discipline and accountability to county government, while also driving increased efficiency in how the county delivers its services. Chris is unafraid to drive big ideas to solve big problems. From working to end chronic homelessness to stepping up to invest in cleaner watersheds and our parks, he is committed to making Milwaukee County a better place. And he doesn’t do it alone. Chris values partnerships, and he has led the way in driving cooperation among communities. Chris believes we’re all in this together. So do I.

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One response to “It’s Election Day … Vote!

  1. Eric Jerdee

    Mr. Mayor, I’m not totally sure that i trust Chris Abele, but I trust you.

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