Partnering with Local Schools to Celebrate Arbor Day


The City of South Milwaukee is proud to once again be partnering with the South Milwaukee School District on a 2016 Arbor Day Celebration. 

The Street Department will be planting one tree at each one of the South Milwaukee elementary schools to commemorate our second-annual Arbor Day event.

Trees go in the ground starting April 22.

I want to thank Assistant Street Superintendent Dan Ratajski for his leadership on this event — another symbol of our city’s commitment to enhancing our urban forest. 

Much more to come in this area this spring, summer and beyond. 

Communities must invest in trees. And South Milwaukee is.



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3 responses to “Partnering with Local Schools to Celebrate Arbor Day

  1. We love trees, but still waiting for new ones the city said it would plant . This was when they did street work and cut down a lot along Madison Ave. Is their a chance we will get some? would sure be nice.

    • While I am not sure of the timeline of the trees on Madison specifically, I can say that we are stepping up our overall replanting efforts starting this year. We included $75,000 for replanting in our most recent capital borrowing, and that will be the foundation of our long-term, multi-decade approach to restoring our urban forest. We have lots to do. But we’re developing our plan now, and we’ll be working that plan starting this year. It’s a priority.

  2. Disco

    Note what are the rules on a home owner planting tress in front of his home in the city easement.

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