South Milwaukee Police Officer Rescues 7 Ducklings

Ducks 3Ducks 2Ducks 1

The headline says it all. Thanks, Officer Mike Hill. Well done!

You can see the Facebook video here. And check out coverage on WISN.

Here is the recap from Rita Wiskowski, who filmed everything (and took photos).

I was on my way out of the park after the Grant Park Warbler Walk (that happens every Sunday morning in May). I was driving past the Mill Pond when I saw the female mallard acting all agitated, so I stopped and looked down the sewer and saw the ducklings. I called Betsy Abert, who I had just been birding with and she came right over. I called the police and she left to get a net to scoop up the ducklings. She then stopped by the fire department to tell them about it. The police arrived first. After Officer Hill had rescued all the ducklings, the fire department arrived. It was a lot of effort for a bunch of ducks, but I couldn’t have been more grateful. I was on the verge of tears when I first saw the situation, before knowing that the police would be so quick to respond. I love this city!

I couldn’t agree more.

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One response to “South Milwaukee Police Officer Rescues 7 Ducklings


    How very sweet….very refreshing to see compassion with everything living by our great police dept….Always proud of them and always will be….

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