School District Lands State Grant for Fab Lab

Terrific news for our local schools …

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation has awarded the South Milwaukee School District $25,000 as part of its investment in the Fabrication Laboratories program across the state.

From the press release

Under the leadership of Technology and Engineering department, South Milwaukee High School has already installed several pieces of equipment and implemented their use in the curriculum. Students have learned the entire engineering process, taking their ideas through to the design and prototype stages. They have used 3D printers, a CNC milling machine, and a small laser engraver to create unique parts for hydraulic arms for the National Fluid Power Challenge, to create mementos for local veterans, and toys for the Toys for Tots program and South Milwaukee Human Concerns.

With the additional support that the WEDC grant is providing, the School District of South Milwaukee will be able to expand what students can do in high school, and also further support the development of teaching the engineering process at the elementary and middle school levels.

Congratulations to our local schools!

Learn more about the Fab Lab program here.

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