South Milwaukee Police Department: Recapping 2015


“We, the members of the South Milwaukee Police Department, are dedicated to providing a proactive, full service department that enhances the quality of life in our community by reducing crime through the protection of life and property.”

So says the mission statement of the South Milwaukee Police Department.

That mission comes to life in their annual report, a great summary of the work our department does every day to keep our city safe.

You can see the annual report here.

The report includes five-year crime trends (page 20), which I’ll admit is the first page I turn to each time I see one of these; I think it’s my journalism past shining through. It shows a decrease in violent and property crimes from 2015, with violent crime offenses slightly higher than the five-year average in 2015. Property crimes were slightly lower when compared to the five-year average.

Clearance rates were also up to more than 40%, and adult arrests were up to their highest levels in the five-year span.

You can read the statistics for yourself, and I won’t interpret them too much here, other than to say that, while every crime committed is significant, I am proud to say I live in a safe community — one that is made possible by our men and women in blue.

Thanks for all you do, SMPD.

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