Welcome to South Milwaukee, THE SHOP


These kinds of stories are at the heart of our promising future: Owner of a longstanding, cool, small business outgrows his current space and, liking what he sees, turns to South Milwaukee for its long-term home.

Such is the story with THE SHOP, an antique motorcycle repair business that is moving from the Hyde House in Bay View to the former auto repair shop at 1907 13th Ave. in South Milwaukee by July 1.

Owner Tim Schneider announced the move on Facebook on Saturday.

I first met Tim at my Meet the Mayor session in March and then visited his shop later that month, and it is really impressive. It is a combination retail store and repair shop that featured, at least when I was there, everything from a rare 1902 motorcycle waiting for a new engine to a just-as-rare Ducati.

It’s a destination business. Almost no one in the area does what Tim does, and he’s been doing it a long time after leaving his job in corporate America almost 20 years to pursue his passion. He started on the East Side, moved to rental space at the Hyde House space on Greeley Avenue in Bay View almost 20 years ago, and has chosen South Milwaukee to buy his first building.

Tim liked the affordable real estate, to be sure, but also likes the direction we’re headed here, and it’s comments like that that make me believe we’re on the right path to revitalizing our fair city.

We’ll do it behind sustainable small businesses like The Shop.

Welcome to South Milwaukee!


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6 responses to “Welcome to South Milwaukee, THE SHOP

  1. Nels Monson

    As the owner of a vintage British Motorcycle, this is good news! Well done…

  2. bryan11lor@gmail.com

    Nice job Mayor.

    Bryan Lorentzen


  3. ryan behling

    These guys have done great work for me in the past! A great business to have in our city. Ryan Behling SMFD

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  5. Pinky

    Saw all the cycles parked on the street the other day. Went online & now I know what The Shop is about-kinda. Could I just stop in someday soon just to look around. I know a few guys with cycles that I could tell them about The Shop.

  6. Richard Kinney

    Thanx to all responsible for making this tip top cycle shop in a tip top town or city available, All involved are top notch and I tip my helmet to you all.
    Thanx again,
    Richard Kinney
    And my lil button(a 1970 90c.c honda)

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