Updated: House Fire Reported on Nicholson Avenue


Update: Information from the South Milwaukee Fire Department … including information on the lifesaving actions of someone passing by the house …

At approx. 3:03AM this morning, SMFD was notified of a house on fire at 2407 Nicholson Avenue.  A passerby noticed the fire, knocked on the door to awake the occupants (who were unaware that the rear of their house was on fire) and used a garden hose to attempt extinguishment of the fire. Upon arrival of SMFD units, the whereabouts of the occupants (2 adults & 4 children) was confirmed and fire was witnessed coming from the southeast corner of the house.  A hoseline was extended to extinguish the fire, which had consumed a large portion of the exterior wall and was extending into the attic area.  Extensive overhaul was required both inside the rear addition to the house and on the exterior.  No injuries were reported.  The family refused assistance from the American Red Cross.  The area of origin appears to be inside the wall above the rear entrance door.  Based on statements from witnesses and the occupants, accidental and natural causes have been eliminated. However, the involvement of the electrical system has not been ruled out at this time.

 And here is the original report from the South Milwaukee Police Department …

On June 13, 2016 at about 3:03am, the South Milwaukee Police Department along with the South Milwaukee Fire Department responded to the 2400 block of Nicholson Avenue for a report of a house fire. Upon arrival there was a visible fire coming from the back of the residence. All of the occupants of the residence had been evacuated and were uninjured. SMFD and surrounding Fire Departments extinguished the fire. The cause of the fire appears to be electrical and Arson has been ruled out.

Please keep these residents in your thoughts and prayers, and offer continued thanks to our first responders.

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